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Haji Abdir Rehman alias Haji Malang Baba, Haji Bakhtar Shah and Meer Sultan Shah (R.A)[may peace be upon them] resided half way on the mountain and used to offer namaz. This is the same place where the present shrine of Haji Bakhtar Shah is built. This place was selected by Haji Abdur Rehman Shah Baba for Haji Bakhtar Shah Baba for his worship and preaching about Islam. This was accepted by Haji Bakhtar Shah Baba and he spent his life on this place in devotion and preaching of Islam.

When he passed away, his disciples and beloved followers decided to bury him on this same place. The shrine was built thereafter. The devotees who come to the Haji Malang mountains first visit the tomb of Haji Bakhtar Shah Baba and it is said to be the Pehli Salaami. They then proceed further to the tomb of Meer Sultan Shah that is said to be the Doosri Salaami and finally the devotees reach the Dargah of Haji Abdur Rehman Shah Baba alias Haji Malang Baba.

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